Thursday, June 26, 2008

Warning: I use the V-word freely

I kind of made Hunky hang out with me. He was a good sport. I brought cherries, brie, bread and my light-up frisbee. I wonder how many UFO sightings were reported in Woods Hole that night. We went swimming and the phosphorescence was spectacular. I tried to impress with my synchronized swimming skills but he was staring at the glowy thingys and I was worried about getting phosphorescence in my vagina.

A male friend recently said that women can basically get whatever they want because they have vagina s. I responded "You mean, I am sitting on a goldmine!?" He whispered "Yes".


Mrs Pouncer said...

Dear Miss Hoo, What is Wood's Hole? Cordially etcc

Ha-Hoo said...

Mrs. Pouncer
Wood's Hole is just beyond the 'armpit' of Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Not to be confused with any other holes.

Fred said...

I'm so sorry to do this, but I'm linking to you as part of an internet meme - now you have to list six random things about yourself.

Details here.

Again ... so very, very sorry!