Thursday, July 24, 2008

Incomplete chain blog prison

Six random things about myself:
1) I don't feel like pissing off six people today.
2) I was home schooled until 3rd grade.
3) If I could be anything I would choose to be a contortionist.
4) I am the queen of the island of misfit boys.
5) There are people who refer to me as: "the cool kid"
6) Sarah and I are bringing back the word TWAT.
This is kinda fun
~ I hula-hoop in the dark, often.
~ The whole reason I am here is to read Susan's genius.


Susan said...

why on earth would you not want to piss 6 people off today? I drove to the store JUST for that purpose (I may have exceeded my quota).

Ha-Hoo said...

did I say off? I meant on.

jenrebecc said...

no mention of the red heeler in your randomness? i admitted to spooning my blue one every night in my randoms.