Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mr. Void

This just in :the guy that I told myself I didn't like anyways gives me the "I'm really busy" routine one time too many. Any half wit knows just what that means. "I don't really want to see you, at all". He is just a guy in a truck. So why does it still hurt? I will be fine. Luckily, it is boogie boarding season for me so I can go out there and let the waves wash away my tears. Things friends have said : "He is gone", "You knew what it was", "Let it go". Seriously, I have not cried over him. My ego just has a bruise the size of a...ahem. In the grand scheme I know that chemical wowing fades away and you are left with connections on other plains. Lets just say that I smelled his genes and I liked them. It must have been the same alcoholic/carpentry gene that is prevalent on my dads side.

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Mrs Pouncer said...

Who is this person in the truck? Is he what you would call a trucker? Why is he in the truck? Is he the driver or the passenger? And while we're here: what is a teamster? How do you pronounce Poughkeepsie? Best wishes etc etc