Friday, May 30, 2008

Mama always said NO Roofers

I joined eHarmony for mother's Day. She was psyched. I am way too scared to "talk" to my matches, though. I made the mistake of sharing a few profiles with my mom. She really liked the guy in the speedo. For anyone who has tried this process I think you will agree that whenever a match is "closed" it kind of hurts. Even if the guy says he can't live without mountain dew and sports cars and the only picture of him hides his face and you think you know why. I consider myself reasonable and not superficial. But man! Some of these pictures are effin hilarious. Poor guys, they have no idea what women want to see and read in their profile. I should talk. My profile is way to sarcastic and earthy to land any eHarmony guy. I am convinced that the guy for me would never join eHarmony. Pits!

Ticks and Poison Ivy are the devil in my religion.

The roofers are banging in the shingles over my head. It's really quite bothersome. I wonder how Bobs nap is going in the next room.


Mrs Pouncer said...

What on earth does any of this mean? I so much enjoy reading the blogs by you new-worlders, but am finding your references more and more arcane. Best wishes, Mrs P

Susan said...

I'm sorry, the roofers are doing WHAT in your shingles?