Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Relapses are for sissies

It is almost time for the big wedding. Brett is the first of my siblings to thrust himself into the world that everyone warns me about. I still have the occasional picture of myself being the perfect wife to some brilliant, funny, thoughtful 'friend to all animals' type dork. By 'animals' I mean to include crazy humans that most avoid like the shopping cart that only goes left. I never planned on having a date for their wedding, I don't want to babysit some drunk bastard. Also, any contender would automatically become my 'boyfriend' until I had a chance to explain: "No, we just sleep together, he's a total loser" or "Yuck, he's like a brother" or perhaps "Just because I'm having his baby, does'nt mean...". I will just tell everyone that I am in love with my eharmony match from Wyoming and that I am saving money to go marry him. At least I have an amazing family, I am looking forward to dancing with my dad and hanging with my younger sister and brother and their significant others and my cousins, especially 'Doey'.
I am still getting over 'the loser', had a good cry with Lily, (Aussie cattle dog) my niece. I feel so stupid, but empowered. Ted is convinced that "he'll be back" but as much as I want to be wanted I have to say I hope he does not. Speaking of Ted, his baby has still not popped out, we are coming up on two weeks past the due date. I am not sure we are all ready for this new little present but I am so excited to meet him.

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