Thursday, September 11, 2008

eharmony back log

Finally, one of my thousand or so matches made it past the open discussion barrier. Well, there was one other but he lives in Wyoming and even after wonderful phone conversations we both knew that I was forever a New England girl. So this new guy, we'll call him NWB was making a good impression but nothing fantastic was happening. For our first encounter he invited me to visit him at work, at night?-seemed strange but I thought that he wanted us both to feel comfortable with meeting a stranger and he had to be respectful at his place of employment, right? It was a beautiful spot with ok conversation, but he sort of kicked me out quickly. I was surprised that when I smiled awkwardly goodbye (as in, I guess I'll never see you again) he looked embarrassed and said he would like to get together to play tennis. It took a while for us to coordinate our schedules to meet on the court. I had fun hitting the ball, I think I impressed him a bit, he said I should join this tennis league in the winter which I will probably do. But, again he cut our visit quite short, I was just getting warmed up! Naturally, I thought he had decided that I was fat and ugly, but alas, he wanted to show me the nearby kettle pond and talk about a movie he thought we could see together. This took about ten minutes. Then he had to go. Right. Did he have another date? Is he an alcoholic or drug addict and was starting to sober up? Or did he have an urgent 'staff' meeting? It was strange and I couldn't even figure out if I liked him. Nervous? I mean, I was nervous and probably not the most skilled at being true self when on blind dates. Oh yea, I have never been on a blind date....and can't remember the last time I was on ANY kind of date, so maybe he is just holding back like me. OR, is he a wet blanket? I have been fantasizing about going to the movies with a guy for years, so I haven't been going really at all, until last Saturday. My friend Terry and her boyfriend Scott know that since they met I have no single girlfriends to hang with; obviously, I am SO happy for them, I love them, but we joke about it a lot. Last minute they invited me to join them at the movie house in Dennis (Old people party) at 4:30 to see Elegy. I accepted but knew that NWB would probably hate this movie so I went alone. It was the right decision. The next day I called him to see if this was the day that I was going to go to a movie with a guy. I mistakenly mentioned that I was going to watch football and tennis out of stupidity and said we should meet up later if he wasn' busy. DAMN! he invited me AGAIN to visit him at work! WTF? I decided to give it another shot. I was going to be outgoing, interesting, interested...and the dog, I'll bring the dog, she's always entertaining. The conversation was totally strained, what was I doing there? Awful. Or am I being to hard? At one point I was actually insulted, that's not easy to do, I am pretty easy-going, but he wasn't talking to me at all, he was checking news or emails or whatever. I was so out of there, feeling stupid, rejected, I don't even know. A couple days later it was my birthday. yea. I started a new position in the nursery at the tennis club in the morning and then went to my regular job, then it was tuesday so I went to poker. I won! A good chunk of cash for me. Some of the hard core players were kind of peeved but because it was my birthday they all congratulated me as best they could. When I left, there was a kind birthday message from NWB on my voice mail. Wierd. I am comfortable with just seeing him at the tennis club occasionally. NEXT!

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